I’m a safety girl!

Does anyone else remember the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts pulls a plethora of condoms from her boot?  Her classic quote “I’m a safety girl”?

Well, I too,  am a safety girl. I have always been the friend that asks do you have a condom before you leave the bar or head out on that sexy date. I know I know, condoms ruin the mood…you can’t feel anything, yada yada yada…but it doesn’t have to be like that!

First of all we’ve come a long way in the sensation department, most brands are carrying thinner, more sensitive condoms these days (and they are still just as effective and trustworthy). There are different sizes, colours, shapes and textures and all kinds of fun stuff for you and your partner(s) to try out.

Ribbed doesn’t do it for you? Try studded.  Latex allergy? Try a non-latex variety.  Need something a litte wider? Crown condoms could be the answer.

Trying new condoms could be a fun new adventure!  Instead of buying a box of 1 brand and hoping you like it, why not pick up a dozen individual condoms in different styles? Not only can you look for a brand you both enjoy, but it could be the most fun research you have ever conducted.

We all know the risks and the icky possibilites of unprotected sex…I’m not going to lecture. I will only encourage you to try to find a brand that at least makes the fact that you need to be safe a little more interesting.  Hardcover condoms come in over 12 different flavours,  Beyond 7 have a green tint and are studded,  Pleasure Plus have a pouch designed to give HIM more pleasure, Trojan Magnums are larger in length and width for those big boys, Crowns are one of the thinnest on the market…you see where I am going?

A helpful hint – the fun doesn’t have to pause while the condom is going on – help or let your partner help with getting geared up;  masturbate for your partner while he gets dressed up…or better yet tease his nipples, testicles or any other fun bits you can think of!

Safe sex doesn’t have to be boring, or awkward, or a mood killer…besides all the cool kids are doing it  ;)


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