Mr(s). Lube

Maybe I’ve been working in this business too long, maybe I’m the best friend a girl could have, who knows why…but this weekend one of my friends tested the boundaries of our friendship and my own personal inventory levels.

Saturday night passes with little fan fare and I get myself to bed at a reasonable hour (the sun hasn’t come over the hill yet).  In the early hours of Sunday I wake and glance at my phone only to see an urgent text message has been waiting for me.

4:40am: Need Lube! Rm #XXX

It is now 9:30am; it is possible I am feeling a little “under the weather” at this point. I respond in the only manner I see fit. “Are you serious? Do you still need it? I need another hour before I can move”

9:31am: Be there in 10 mins

True friendship is built on many things; one very important piece of the foundation is the ability to drag yourself out of bed in the early morning hours to help out with a friend who is definitely having a more interesting weekend than you are.  True friendship gives a bottle of your favourite (and now discontinued) lube you had been hoarding. True friendship gives the bottle of water based just in case they decide to have anal sex and being a true pal you know she hasn’t done this before and would need water based not silicone for that first timer padding.  True friendship doesn’t hand over the sample pack of lube and figure that’ll be enough; this marathon session could last for days! No woman can self lubricate for that amount of time!  True friendship gives means giving up your favourite lube because it is water based; made for sensitive skin; created to mimic natural vaginal lubrication; made for the non-lubricated anal canal; created to ensure that a dear friend and all of her sensitive bits would continue to have a slippery good time.

At 9:40am on a Sunday I stood in my doorway to exchange lubricant with my friend, her face smiley and excited in knowing that her lovers’ tryst would now be rejuvenated by this small and inconspicuous bottle.

Lube is the new item to add to your purse supply or your overnight bag.  Don’t forget that many things can create a need for lubricant – alcohol consumption, smoking, birth control, changes in hormones, or a sex marathon can all leave the vagina feeling a little less than moist.  Also, anal sex REQUIRES LUBE as the anus doesn’t lubricate itself, which means you need to bring in reinforcements.

My top picks:

ID Moments (water based)

System Jo (silicone based)

Water based and silicone based are both great it really just depends on which one you like the feel of. The water tends to feel more natural and more like vaginal lubrication, while silicone is thinner and longer lasting…silicone will also withstand a little shower or bath tub play, while waterbased is thicker and better for anal sex newbies. You can buy flavoured ones as well!  Have fun and get wet!

P.S. True friendship also lets you blog about it for work the next week!


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