It Does Exist!

… I swear!  I found it, or well my boyfriend found it.  I was too naïve (at 18) to really understand what we were seeking, and it was beyond my years to know that most women spent half their lives debating the G-spot’s existence, convincing themselves it didn’t exist since they hadn’t found it, and worse, had even abandoned the thrill of the hunt after too many disappointing attempts.  We, on the other hand, were just a couple of crazy kids in love with exploring each other’s bodies and the amazing things we could make them do.  We tried everything once (well almost), if we heard of a concept, thought something up, read a book or were told by a friend they had done something – well we obviously HAD to do that too!  More so, we had to do it faster, longer, louder, harder, softer, hotter, sweatier and BETTER.

So, when the G-Spot became a topic of discussion in his Sexual Behaviours class,  it also became the topic of our sex life.  We did our homework (he did have the text book after all), and we practiced, and practiced – even continued ‘practicing’ after we found it on our second try!!  Lucky, I know but we were having such a great time!  We discovered that the only real difference between us and everyone else was the FUN we were having trying to find the G-Spot – we were experiencing each other, not just the orgasm.  We became the sex therapists for our friends after our experience and it became our belief that everyone had the right to the same experience!

So… I could spend the next few lines outlining where the G-Spot is, its dimensions, how to stimulate it, how it’s supposed to feel for each partner – you know, the science of it all.  Instead, here are my best helpful hints:

Forget the end-goal!  There’s nothing in this world that will make a G-Spot go into hiding faster than being on a mission to find it!  Don’t forget you’re supposed to be enjoying yourselves – foreplay, sex, after play, pillow talk, dirty talk, phone sex, and sexting are scintillating in and of themselves (and in combination).

Go in blind and just explore each others’ bodies!  Discover all kinds of new and fun spots and angles, speeds and strokes!  Okay, okay fine… it’s inside the vaginal canal (here’s a picture that might help)

A starter orgasm (or two) will make the spot much easier to find, simultaneous oral sex with a little handy come hither motion could make you a rock star for the night.  Don’t rely solely on the penis for this one as it rarely happens (but it is pretty amazing when it does) use your hands or a toy!!

The most telling clue I can offer is that if you feel like you’re about to pee … THAT’S IT!!  Don’t stop, don’t rush to the bathroom; JUST KEEP GOING!

– Ashley

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