Let’s play…

Oh! Halloween is fast approaching!
Do you remember how much fun the month of October used to be when you were a child? The weeks leading up to the big day were so exciting…planning your costume,  plotting your trick or treat route, scaring your friends and family, curling up excitedly to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! and being in a constant state of excitement that lasted the whole month long.

It’s unfortunate that as adults, a lot of us have lost the little spark that we had as children. Adults don’t play like they should.  It’s as if we’ve forgotten how to have fun now that we have grown older. Halloween is the perfect time of the year to recreate some of that awesome excitement that we used to get caught up in and to experiment with fantasy, role playing and costume play.  You can dress up for your partner, plan a Halloween party with your friends, grown up style, host a Fetish Ball and really get naughty or you can even stay at home alone and play dress up in front of your mirror.

Halloween is a great time to be  whoever you want to be; to let that wild child inside of you loose.  It’s the one time of the year that you don’t have to feel like you should closet your dress up desires.  Of course, we hope that you always feel free and confident to express your inner self, but there are some who are still secretive about it.  That’s ok too.   Secretive or out in the open, this is the perfect time of the year to express yourself in any way that you want to.

Need help transforming? Feel free to drop in and see us for some great ideas!
Are you curious about bondage wear? Latex clothing? Dressing in drag? Or are you simply dying to be a school girl for a day? Are you a Twilight fanatic and wishing your partner was a vampire? We’ve got fangs for that!

It’s easy to get nostalgic for days gone by, especially when they were so much fun…but it’s time to have fun like an adult!
Drop in and ask us how!

– petey

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