Safe(r) ….everything else?

Like a lot of us, I took Family Living class in high school. I learned what a uterus looked like (kind of like a cow’s head?) and the real word for balls (darling, I love it when you touch my scrotum and Perineum!). I learned about the cycles of the ova and the stages of pregnancy. Tacked on to the end of the course, I learned about the dangers of STD’s (but at 16 we thought pregnancy was much scarier than any disease).  Throughout grades 6 and 7 I thought condoms were stickers you put on the penis so a boy couldn’t pee on you. When I was finally “taught” about safe sex, the conversation was focused on penis-in-vagina sex.  Like so many others, I thought that the only thing you really needed protection for was penetrative intercourse.

Fast forward a decade. I’m being trained in as a new staff member at Our Pleasure in Mt. Pearl.  I’m a little older and a little wiser, but as it turned out I still had a lot to learn. As I was being taught the different sexual health products we sell, I learned about Dental dams.  Now, the only reference I’d ever heard about dental dams before was at the dentist’s office, so I was surprised.  A dental dam is a thin latex sheet that is laid over the vulva or anus before performing cunnilingus or anilingus, respectively.  Extrapolating from there, I thought to myself, does that mean condoms can be used for fellatio? Safe….oral sex? Well, I had just never thought about that before. Of course, it makes total sense. If you don’t know your partner’s sexual history, you are at risk of contracting STI’s through mouth to genital or anal contact. But we haven’t all grown up hearing this. Educators may think that telling someone to “wrap it up” covers it for the Safe Sex portion of the class, but it’s simply not enough.

So my advice to everyone is have fun and practice safe (Oral) sex!!!

–  Roxy Rolla

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