I’m in love with a cheeseburger

Last year,  I watched this really great documentary about Object Sexuality.  Object Sexuality or Objectophilia refers to humans having a sexual or emotional attraction towards inanimate objects.  These individuals form relationships and believe they have commitments with various objects and almost all of them find the thought of having a relationship with another human, incomprehensible.  Almost always,  these people believe that the objects they are in love with have feelings and emotions and that their love is reciprocated.
In the seventies, Eija-Riitta Eklöf Berliner-Mauer from Sweden, married the Berlin Wall and it was then that the term object-sexuality was coined.  She started a very informative website in the late nineties which is packed full of information on everything you’ve ever wanted to know or were curious about in regards to this lifestyle.
The film, Strange Love: Married to the Eiffel Tower,  tells the stories of several women who have fallen in love with buildings,  swords,  amusement park rides and how these relationships work.  It’s very interesting and it’s always so nice to open your mind a little in regards to different lifestyles.

You can watch the entire documentary online at YouTube.
The OS website also has a lot of great video links.

– petey

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