Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is a condition that causes spontaneous and constant genital arousal that may or may not lead to orgasm.  This syndrome is not related to hypersexuality or nymphomania, and its sufferers are almost always aroused, yet not always feeling sexual.  The symptoms are usually not related to desire at all.

Sufferers report intense and persistant arousal which can last for days/weeks at a time. Usually orgasm provides temporary relief but the symptoms, in time, do return. These states of arousal can be debilitating and can hinder even the most mundane of tasks.

There are only a few reported cases of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome in existance. Michelle Thompson(pictured to your left), is afflicted with this condition and reports on having upwards of 300 orgasms per day.
That’s an average of an orgasm every five minutes!!!

There’s a great article on Michelle over at, that tells of her struggles and of her wonderful little happy ending!

– petey

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