Top Sex Positions

When I started on my research, I was overwhelmed by how many positions there are whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, ménage-a-trios,  disabled,  pregnant, young or old.  The positions one did when you were young don’t necessarily apply as you get older.  Life has a way of changing things up for everyone with issues of time, commitments, children, circumstances and even from our bodies changing as we age.

Keeping all this in mind & trying to find the top positions was not easy.  With all the different resources I have accumulated information from, I have found some standard positions that can be modified to work well for almost everybody!


How to do it:  He  squats with his back against one side of a doorway with his thighs parallel to the floor.  He  places one hand behind his back for balance; she  straddles his  legs either facing forward or away from him.

BEST FOR:  quick satisfaction, fun factor


How to do it:  She lies on her side, with knees bent while pressing her back against his front.  She aligns her pelvis with his and keeps her legs slightly parted.  They both can use their hands freely for fondling.

BEST FOR:  intimacy, shallow penetration, longevity


How to do it:  He lies flat on his back with legs straight or with knees bent while she kneels down and straddles him with her knees on either side of his hips.  Forward or backwards both work.

BEST FOR:  clitoral stimulation, deep penetration, visual arousal


How to do it:  She crouches on all fours with legs slightly spread.  He kneels behind her & with his hands on her hips gently enters from behind.  His hands can remain on her hips to guide thrusting movement or venture higher up to caress her clitoris, back or breast.

BEST FOR:  G-Spot stimulation, deep penetration, quickie

Last but not least the tried and true position:


How to do it:  She lies on her back, with legs spread and knees raised or resting out to the side.  He lies on top of her, aligning his pelvis with hers.  Recommended that he support some of his weight on his elbows, hands or knees so that she can move her pelvis and legs freely for maximum pleasure.

BEST FOR:  comfort, body contact, varying depth for penetration, kissing.

Something to keep in mind is the best way to develop greater sexual satisfaction for yourself and your partner is by trying new things.  Become your own sexual aficionado as you explore new positions, varying angles, depths and movements.  You’re sure to find some great techniques along the way.

Just remember no matter what position you try just be respectful of  each other and always be safe!!!!

– LA

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