It’s chemistry, baby!

One of my guy friends is AMAZING. He’s smart and funny and has the most wonderful sense of humor.  He has great hair…so great that you almost want to take photos of it and frame them and hang them in your living room…the hair on his head is a work of art.  He’s beautiful. Has lips that girls swoon over. He’s sensitive and charming and so very sweet.
And we love each other. We have a great connection and he’s one of my favorite people…so why haven’t we gotten frisky?

It’s all in the chemistry, folks!

Nobody knows why some people work and some people don’t. Why sometimes you want to tear someones clothes off and sometimes you just want to curl up and watch movies with them and laugh at crude jokes.  It’s a complete mystery. Chemistry is not something you can force. It’s not even something you can explain.

It’s the same thing with trying to understand why you ARE into someone.
Have you ever met someone who is not normally the kind of person you would go for? You like different things, have barely anything in common.  You may be attracted to brunettes and they are a flaming redhead. You can’t quite put your finger on why you can’t stop thinking or even salivating over this person. You can’t explain it because there is no explanation!

Studies show that often, sexual chemistry is there immediately.
POW! Hits you right in the face!
…and then there are times when you’ve known someone forever and then one day…
BAM! Hits you right in the face!

We’re completely certain about one thing though. When it does hit you, you’ll know it!

– petey

8 thoughts on “It’s chemistry, baby!

  1. I have to agree. . . POW!!!! When I met my husband and he took my hand in his I look down and they became one . . . not sure where mine ended and his began. We have been married for 21 years, 2 kids and 1 grandchild and I love him more today then I did the day I said I do!!!!! After all this time the chemistry is still there and I think it is awesome. I remember being very scared of how I felt all those years ago but something kept pushing me to know he was the best for me . . . thing is he felt and feels the same way that I do!! I love all the blogs please keep them coming.

    • You really are blessed! It’s such a beautiful thing to read about two people who are still happy and in love after all those years. It’s a rarity these days. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. When truly blessed said:
    “I remember being very scared of how I felt all those years ago but something kept pushing me to know he was the best for me”
    it hit home. I am currently dating a man who turns me upside down. Even with all the stumbles we’ve encountered, I am drawn to him in the craziest of ways. I feel electrically charged when I am near him.
    It certainly is “chemistry, baby!”

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