Lights on/Lights off – Males dealing with body issues in the bedroom

Women are not the only ones who struggle with body image issues in the bedroom. It’s silly for us to even think that we are.  Men don’t openly discuss these things, so we just don’t hear about them as often.
It may be hard to believe that men may be just as worried about their appearance as some of us women are about ours, but the truth is, they often are.

The number one sexual anxiety held by men is often regarding their penis size. Most heterosexual men have only ever seen another penis while watching pornography…and we all know what a mistake it is to compare ourselves to porn stars!
Male porn stars are almost always cast specifically for their large penis sizes, so  seeing all these well-endowed men may make him assume he small or below average…which is often not the case. Porn stars are rarely “average” and by the way…a large penis doesn’t make you good in bed.  So quit obsessing!
This is one anxiety we would love to wipe clean from the minds of all the men we know. Penis size does not matter.

The number two  sexual anxiety? Body hair. We blame women’s beauty magazines for this. No men, you do not need to be devoid of body hair. Do you honestly think the woman you’ve chosen to share a bed with cares if you have chest hair or back hair or hairy shoulders? If she does, she is not the kind of woman you should want to share your bed with anyway. We know everyone has preferences, but someone who can turn their feelings off over a few stray hairs is probably shallow…and do you want to be with someone so concerned with  appearances? Probably not.

Number three? Man boobs. Is there a more polite way of saying that? Male breasts? Hrmm…It would be so nice if we could just flip what everyone views as beautiful with what most people view as unsightly. There are so many beautiful bodies in the world and not all of them are rock hard and chiseled. Beautiful bodies can be big or small, crooked and hairy and full of  “flaws”.

As a female, in my experience, I have fallen in love with and been turned on by the person…not their parts. I have dated thin boys, muscular boys, chubby boys. Some of them have been naturally hairless, some have been hairy like bears. I have loved each of them and have never been scared away by a small penis or a chubby tummy.

As much as women need to step back and re-evaluate the things they stress over and the things that inhibit them in the bedroom, we urge men to do the same.
Come on boys! We love you just as you are!

– petey

4 thoughts on “Lights on/Lights off – Males dealing with body issues in the bedroom

  1. Thanks for this. I don’t have the perfect “bod” by no means and it does get in the way sometimes of being intimate with a woman. ?I worry that she’s wishing I looked more like Bradley Cooper when in reality I am more like Jonah Hill.
    Lucky for me, more and more people are accepting all bodies not just perfect ones and Jonah Hill seems to be getting just as much love with the ladies as BRadley Cooper is.
    There’s hope for me yet! LMAO

    • Jonah Hill is adorable! Own your Jonah-Hillness!
      There’s all kinds of beauty-not just the Bradley Cooper kind!
      The truth is, your partner wants to be with you…and probably loves your body, no matter what shape, size of amount of body hair you have :)
      If your partner doesn’t like what is in front of them, then the harsh truth is, they are not the sort of partner you want to be with.

  2. I really enjoy these “love yourself” posts. Life is far too short to spend obsessing over our bodies when it truley is what is inside that counts.
    I could never spend my life and share my heart with a man who was 100% perfect on the outside but was arrogant, dull and mean. Looks are not everything.

    • Oh Melinda, we agree with you 100%!
      We adore the whole “love yourself” trend that is happening now and we hope it completely wipes out the “i’m not good enough” trend that has been around in the past decade.

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