Giving Teens Free Birth Control: The Pros And Cons

People have  many different views on this topic.  Some think that free birth control and condoms given to teens through school or through  planned parenthood/sexual health centres would stop so many teens from getting accidentally pregnant, others are outraged that such a topic would even be discussed.
Many religions around the world  refuse to support birth control and many parents do not want to admit that their babies may be sexually active.

The fact is that many teens today are having sex. The age that they are becoming sexually active is getting younger and younger and unfortunately it is not uncommon to see a 13 year old pregnant.
Kids are hardly ever adequately sexually educated. They are taught not to have sex instead of being taught the right and wrong way, the risks and how to make well thought out decisions.

I have debated this topic with many people and gotten many reviews and I’ve come up with a list of the pros and cons of giving teens free birth control!



  • Allowing teens access to different kinds of birth control such as the pill and condoms will decrease the amount of unwanted teen pregnancies and sti’s if properly educated on how to use them right so that they work there best.
  • This process can help reduce the amount of teen abortions
  • Free birth control allows teens who may not have been able to afford it to access it, this may not always be because a teen wants to be sexually active it could also help control there menstrual cycle especially if a doctor has prescribed it but they could not afford it
  • If this whole process is done right and communicated well it could lead to more sexually educated kids which is never a bad thing because they will then know enough to make safer sexual decisions






  • Teens may start to feel like they have a ticket to sexual freedom, this could cause your teens to start acting very promiscuous. It can also make it hard to say no and hard for others to accept that no means NO!
  • Teenagers who are not sexually educated will not stop in the moment to think that the pill will only stop from getting pregnant and that it does not protect from sti’s nor will they realize that there are many factors that could cancel out the effectiveness of the pill such as taking antibiotics and that the pill is not 100% effective in the first place. They need to know that you should always use a condom as well. This could cause the same amount of teen pregnancies and it could increase the amount of sti’s
  • The percentage of sexually active kids will increase and there is the chance of kids having sex even younger
  • Loss of parental control. What I mean by this is that kids will stop talking to their parents, communication between teens and their parents on this topic may be destroyed


Now that you have read both the lists maybe you will have a different view!
I myself am in between both…I think it’s a great idea if they execute it right and make sure that the teens are sexually educated and that the know all the in’s and out’s of birth control , how to use condoms correctly and all the risks that come with being sexually active. For parents out there?  Don’t leave it up to the schools to teach your children about sex!
Communication between parents and children is important. If you’re not sure how to go about it, research or call your local planned parenthood they will help you with how to approach the subject!
Just remember,  everyone be safe!


 – Ashley

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