Try Anything Once?

“I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure” or so says Mae West.  Do you really want to try anything once? Aren’t you positive there are things you WILL NOT like?  I knew for sure I did NOT like shrimp…until um…that time I tried it and I loved it!
What about trying it twice? Well that’s just silly! If I didn’t like it the first time how could I possibly like it the second?

Guess what?! Moods change and desires alter.  Sexual needs can be very *ahem* fluid.  Partners can change and context can mean so very much.  What you did with one partner may not work with another, but you may find something brand new excites you.  Even with the same partner you can find ideas you threw out years ago may be more exciting with some experience under your belt.  Could it be the time in your marriage to look into those costumes you felt silly in 5 years ago? Could it be that several years into your marriage you are finally ready to be the police officer arriving to make an arrest?

All too often we get locked into patterns – you decided 10 years ago you don’t like being blindfolded and that of course means you still dislike it.  Or does it?  Maybe 10 years ago you were with a different partner, perhaps you were in a situation where you didn’t feel comfortable, maybe in 10 years you’ve become more comfortable with letting some of the control go. Maybe just maybe we as humans aren’t rigid unchanging beings.

Between changing partners, venues, mindset and physique there is always a reason to re-visit old ideas!  You never know you could discover that your partners’ past weren’t the greatest with oral sex or your new found confidence in yourself makes being on top all that more exciting these days.  Maybe you and your partner have learned a few tricks along the way that you can break out some night soon!

Mae West has another quote you might want to keep in mind next time you are following the old sex formula “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

Have fun!
 – Ash

One thought on “Try Anything Once?

  1. Agreed with trying things at least once!!My one friend even calls himself a try-sexual.. Because he strongly believes everything should be tried at least once. From him and his stories, it has opened my eyes and curiosity!! It took a little bit of time to work up the courage but I have found that different partners over the years, really do make things interesting. I have had partners that I just couldn’t get in sync with and others that I have felt like we had been together for years. But in saying this… I never would have found this out, unless I tried different things at least once with them.

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