Your first toy

Every day, we help our customers find a toy that is right for them. Sometimes it is their first toy, other times it’s their twenty-first toy.
When shopping for sex toys, there’s always going to be a bit of trial and error. There’s no way to know what you like if you don’t experiment, right?

My first purchase at Our Pleasure was just months after the store opened on Water Street. My boyfriend at the time and I, shyly walked in and talked to each other in whispers – both excited and mortified all at once. It’s not like we were new to sex, we were both in our early twenties, but we were new to sex toys.  We shuffled around for a bit before settling on this. My first vibe. It was slim and pink and not intimidating at all. We picked up a bottle of lubricant and walked  to the end of the block where our apartment was and stepped lightly into the world of adult toys. Let it be known that I was late for work that afternoon :P

Over the years, until I actually came to work here, I experimented now and then with toys. A lots of misses with very few hits.  After emptying my wallet a few times on vibrators, I finally realized that I enjoyed these toys much more when the vibration was turned off. See? Trial and error!

Now that I work here, I get to learn about all the toys on the market without vibration or toys that move without vibrating, that I may love. Even now, it’s still trial and error sometimes.  I do, however, know what I like and what I dislike and that comes with experimenting!

What was your first sex toy? Was it a dud or was it the best thing you’ve ever purchased? We’d love to know your experiences!
You can comment anonymously on our blog! Just be sneaky and enter a fake name and email address.  Please, share your story!

– petey

2 thoughts on “Your first toy

  1. I love your stores! The staff were so helpful during my first visit there. I wanted to buy the Dolphin and it was over a hundred dollars. The staff member talked me down to a less expensive toy for my first purchase and I thought that was really nice. I ended up buying two things, a bullet and a little pearl. I discovered that I don’t really like vibration in the clitoral area. Your staff saved me a lot of money! I love both of my purchases and they costed less than forty dollars in total!

  2. i had a good first experience as well!
    i came in with my girlfriend at that time and we were looking for a strap on. the girl that worked at the water street store was very sweet. she had long brown hair and glasses and knew a lot about strap on’s. she showed us how to put on the harness and told us about other attachements we could purchase and explained everything really well. we were new to it and had no idea about sex toys at all. this was a few years ago now. i expected this girl to be not as knowlegable as she was but she was really great and made us feel comfortable.
    i’ve been back many times since and have always lesft satisfied.

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