Lingerie: For our partners or for us?

When you put on a piece of lingerie it should make you feel sexy and superb about yourself , you should be able to walk into the room that your partner is in and have complete confidence in yourself! Sure,  it’s amazing when you see your partners jaw hit the floor because you’re looking so good but first it should be your jaw that hits the floor when you put it on!!!
I’ve only started buying lingerie since I started working for our company and to be honest,  I was one of those girls who bought it because my fiancé wanted me to. I always felt really uncomfortable and I didn’t feel sexy at all however, all I was trying on were baby dolls.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with baby dolls they are super sexy,  just they weren’t for me.
Once I started trying on different styles I started feeling fabulous about myself  and my confidence went through the roof, now I have more lingerie in my wardrobe then I do regular clothes and I love buying it! Also,  things in the bedroom have even gotten more exciting!  For you couples out there who are having a dry spell,  sometimes all it takes is a sexy outfit for your partner to tear off!  I even wear it when my fiancé is gone out of town especially when I am having a fat day or an ugly day.  As soon as I slip into the perfect piece of lingerie I always feel better.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not all about you! It is defiantly about your partner as well,  They will be thanking you for this wonderful surprise and if they like seeing you in it,  then why not wear it for them?
I just don’t think it should be all about your partner. I know many women who buy lingerie to wear for their partners and they feel uncomfortable in it and they don’t feel sexy at all.  If you are one of these women and you really don’t want to wear it… please don’t! You will only ruin the mood. Talk to your partner and let them know that you are really not into it.  They should understand.

For those of you who are not completely against it but cannot find anything you like?  My advice to you is try everything on cause you may surprise yourself! Try on something a little more tightly fitted then you are used to, maybe you want less clothing so a pair of crotchless panties and pasties could be exactly what you need, and please do not be afraid to try on costumes!
You may surprise yourself on how damn good you look as a naughty nurse, sexy maid or bad school girl ….I sure did! My partner was defiantly shocked (in a good way) when he saw me in these outfits!
So, now that you all know what I think hopefully it has helped your thoughts on clothing in the bedroom as well! Just remember to respect yourself and your partner and feel comfortable and sexy in every piece you buy!!!

– Ash 

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