Prostitution; Legalization and regulation

I know this is a very controversial subject, and everyone’s opinion is going to be different. I promise you my opinions are not meant to offend, and are not from  my point of view. There are many reasons for someone to enlist the services of a prostitute. In reading a few things online before I started to write this, one man stated he was “too ugly to form a real relationship, so prostitutes are a sexual release”.
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world, yet one of the most dangerous. If we were to legalize, and regulate prostitution it would defiantly be a lot safer for everyone; Prostitutes, clients, and the general public. Since prostitution is currently illegal any random person can do “anything” to a prostitute or to a client, yet most will not report the crime because they would have to admit to involvement in illegal activities. Also, due to the crack down on prostitution (mainly in larger cities), prostitutes have been forced to move from the areas where they would normally work, away from the local society (ie: Brothels, Motels) and into our busy streets, and sometimes even residential areas. With the regulation of prostitution comes the ability to limit where it takes place and therefore taking these people out of the streets, away from our families, and allowing them to do business in a safer environment. If you don’t see that as a good thing, think about it this way for a minute; If someone you know sold guns for a living, would you prefer them to own a store with the proper security measures, or would you prefer they do it out of the trunk of their car?
Besides that, with legalization would come mandatory testing to prevent the spread of disease. Just like porn stars, everyone involved would ideally be able to ask to see papers confirming they are clean before they engage in any activities. As strange as this is going to sounds, if you have ever watched porn, in a way you’ve watched prostitution.
By definition;

Noun: 1. The practice or occupation of engaging in sex with someone for payment.
2. The corrupt use of one’s talents for personal or financial gain.
Do you think porn stars are doing videos for free? No way! They get paid to do the same thing that any prostitute on the street would, but because it’s on camera, it’s okay? Now if that’s not a double standard, I don’t know what is.
Another thing that we should take into consideration is that not everyone is ‘forced’ to be involved in prostitution as the news seems to make it out to be. A lot of prostitutes choose to be where they are. There’s great money for little work, and because it is human nature and sex feels good, they can enjoy their jobs. When our government charges someone with prostitution, it’s a stain that goes on their record for life, and therefore makes them unemployable with the majority of companies. Due to this, most prostitutes that get caught and charged will work in the industry much longer then they would have originally, and it sets them up for a lifetime of petty crime, which usually leads to involvement in drugs and more serious crimes.

Have you ever considered how much law enforcement resources (time and funding) go into stopping prostitution? If prostitution were legalized not only could we tax the sale, we could also use the resources saved for more pressing matters, such as violent crimes.
The way I see it, if the sale of products is legal, and sex is legal, then why can’t selling sex be legal?
– Kyra

2 thoughts on “Prostitution; Legalization and regulation

  1. I completely agree! I myself don’t have an issue with legalizing brothels( such as Ontario is doing) or prostitution, as you said it would allow for a safer environment for the ladies and their clients. I also believe that regular testing should be done anyways to ensure the safety/health of the individuals who are taking part in this. Look at Amsterdam, they have complete testing on a regular basis, safe environments for everyone that have been working for years. Some people might say that this will be a promotion/encouragement for our young children, but I would rather see people safe and sound doing what their doing, then to hear on the news about women going missing or bodies being found. Any parent wouldn’t want their children getting involved in this industry, but if they did.. They would at least have a better peace of mind knowing that their child is not on the side of street and in danger at any given moment, but they were in a safe environment with others.

    • Well said, Shannon.
      As unsavoury as some might find this occupation, it’s still a job and sex workers deserve protection just as much as a construction worker would.
      Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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