Sex During Menstruation

Some men and woman worry that having sexual intercourse during a woman’s period is unhealthy. This may be frowned upon in some cultures & faiths, however having sexual intercourse during menstruation is entirely normal & completely healthy!!!

Most worries stem from societal misconceptions about menstrual blood: most girls are taught that their menstrual blood is unclean & “dirty”, & therefore should be hidden at all times. Truth is menstrual blood is an entirely natural body fluid which in no way affects a man’s penis or woman’s reproductive tract. As long as neither partner has a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD / STI) it is perfectly alright for you to have sex during your period. If either partner has an STD/STI, there is greater risk of infection during menstruation. Sex can be made safer by using a condom.

The thought of oral sex during menstruation is a little bit off-putting to some, however many partners do engage in this act & it is entirely safe to do so. Again if you have an STD/STI the menstrual blood can contain  bacteria or viruses and your partner should use appropriate protection such as a Dental Dam.

Many women find that sexual intercourse actually helps to relieve period pains and menstrual cramps. This is because an orgasm can cause your uterus to contract, enabling it to use excess prostaglandins in the process. Prostaglandins are hormones produced by the uterine lining, they help to stimulate contractions that move menstrual blood out of the uterus & are also responsible for those cramps that occur throughout your period.

Some women may notice that their period comes to an abrupt end within a day of having sexual intercourse. In fact, your period has probably ended because sexual intercourse has stimulated an increased number of contractions in your uterus, causing your body to expel your menstrual blood more quickly.

During orgasm your uterus goes through a number of muscular contractions which can help speed up menstruation; as the uterus contracts the endometrial lining begins to shift & is forced out through the vagina, additionally semen contains prostaglandins hormones responsible for causing uterine contractions. The combination of prostaglandins & orgasm may contribute to an increased number of uterine contractions & therefore cause the rest of the menstrual blood to be quickly shed.

Women and men often dislike having sex during menstruation because of the mess that it can cause, but with careful planning you can keep the mess contained and enjoy the experience. Just lay down some spare towels to absorb any excess blood. Ladies lay on your backs with your partner straddling you because this is the best position to slow the bleeding.
Remember everyone that this is something both partners should want to do if not – NO PRESSURE.

– LA

2 thoughts on “Sex During Menstruation

  1. For all you ladies out there not already aware, this is a product called “Softcup” that you can wear during sex while on your period and there is no mess!! Check out this link! They can be purchased at Lawton’s or Shopper’s Drug Mart. There are also many other reasons for getting softcup instead of tampons or wearing those uncomfortable pads!!

  2. Although I had never experienced sex during my period, I have to admit, it is completely OK. Also, I had the joy of experiencing the shorter period as well. And for those who worry about the mess, there is always the shower.

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