Up Yours!


One thing you’ll learn fairly quickly when you shop at Our Pleasure,  is that you can’t insert certain things in certain places. When experimenting with anal play using toys, we can’t stress enough how careful one must be!
We often get people in the medical field visiting our store with tales of emergency room woes. The things we have heard that doctors and nurses have found inserted in the rectum might shock you!
Let’s make a little list,  shall we?
1. vaseline jars
2. a pepperoni stick
3. a barbie doll
4. vegetables (carrot, cucumber, even an eggplant!)
5. a child’s mini baseball bat
6. toothbrush
7. hairspray bottle
8. wooden spoon
9. crayola markers
10. cordless telephone

The reason most give for having these items inside their bodies?
I was naked, and I slipped and fell on it.

Let’s back up a little, shall we?
Please, if you are thinking of slipping and falling on anything tonight, read these pointers first!
1.  Never ever put anything inside of your rectum that does not have a flared base. What I meant to say was…Never slip and fall on anything that does not have a flared base. The flared base acts as an anchor to keep the toy from slipping all the way inside of you.  The muscles in this area are very strong and without that anchor, your toy could be lost forever…or until you get a doctor to retrieve it for you!

2. All toys or objects inserted should be smooth. Never use anything that has rough edges, is sharp or has smaller pieces that can become unattached.
As strong as the muscles in the rectum are, they are also delicate. A small cut or even a small scrape can turn into a serious medical issue.

3. Lubricant is your friend-your BEST friend. Because the rectum does not self lubricate, you’re going to want to use plenty of lube so that toys, fingers or even a penis can be inserted easily and without any pain.

4. Slow it down. Smaller is better when you’re beginning to experiment with anal play! Buy anal beads or a toy that starts small and increases in thickness so you can work your way up to a larger toy.

Follow these pointers and you should be good to go!
Remember, if you’re shopping in one of our stores, our friendly staff are always available to help you chose the perfect toy for you!

– petey

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