…and baby, talk dirty to me!

I have always shied away from letting naughty words escape from my lips when with a partner. I’ve thought them but the act of letting myself say them has always seemed forced and almost…cheesy.
I once had a partner who thought he was the master of dirty talk. Every time we were together, he ran through his expansive vocabulary. It became almost mechanical and I never once considered it sexy or a turn on. In fact, it ended up as a complete turn off!
In order for dirty talk to work properly it should never be contrived…it should never be rehearsed or practiced. The best dirty talk is the kind that you cannot keep inside.
If you fantasize about naughty words but haven’t yet uttered them to your partner, don’t be nervous.  Of course,  it may feel a little awkward at first but before you know it, the dirtiest words imaginable will be spilling from your lips. If you screw up and say something silly? Laugh it off and keep going! The more you practice, the easier it will be!

For specific phrases, or ideas, try a google search. There are hundreds of websites that can supply you with all the words you’ve ever wanted!

– hyde

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