50 Shades of Whoa!

The Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy has swept over this city like a giant kinky tsunami.  Dubbed as  “Twilight for Adults” or  “Mommy Porn”,  Fifty Shades of Grey is inspiring women everywhere to branch out a little in the bedroom.

Every day for a little over a month, we have been bombarded with telephone calls and visits.  Women are pouring into the store who have never been here before…buying toys they would never normally dream of using and opening their minds to the kinkier side of sex.
Now, I don’t know a whole lot about these books but I do know that anything that can bring a person out of their shell and get them experimenting sexually, should never be a bad thing. The books may not be up my alley, but I am pretty excited about the reactions of the customers that we’ve had talk about the books.
Timid and shy women who have “never done this sort of thing before” are in getting advice, excited about their sex lives, dying to try something new. How can that be a bad thing?
So what’s the deal with this book? Why are women so into this story?
Have you read them?
Tell us your experience with them!

25 thoughts on “50 Shades of Whoa!

  1. OMG I love them so much! They really changed my sex life. My husband and I have really turned up the heat in the bedroom. We’ve tried ben wa balls and floggers and are lookign forward to the kids going to stay at their grandmother’s house on Saturday so we can try out a buttplug!!!

  2. If these books were written better, I’d read them. I like sex and I like kink. I saw a few excerpts online and was mortified and how poorly it was written. Definitely not for this mommy!

  3. I resent that last comment. What is bullshit to you has opened a lot of women up to being more adventurous in the sack. Don’t knock something just because you don’t like it. That’s like saying just because you don’t like sushi that no one should like it. Get over yourself!

  4. i have discovered that nothing feels better than a flogger across the nipples. thank you fifty shades of grey for showing this to me. lol

  5. Hooley Shit! Can you quiet down about this shades of grey crap? Mr. Grey is a fictional character…just like that friggen vampire in Twilight. No man is ever going to live up to those expectations. Sad, lonely women created these characters to make other sad, lonely women have some hope. These books are for people with low self esteem who need something to clutch onto.

  6. ………..saying that the people who read these books have low self esteem is so foolish……..why can u not just let sum1 enjoy whatever they want to? i red the books and thought they were good. showed me a few things i never know. LMAO. i don’t expec my man to be a vampire or christian grey. the books were fun. what can i say………

  7. Got the “Best Of Women’s Erotica 2009” from the Mount Pearl store once and I always go back to it. Read the Fifty Shades series and will never read it again. There’s a difference between writing and tripe. Fifty Shades falls into the tripe category. A good book will make you cry when it’s over. I smiled when I finished this series because I was glad it was done.

  8. I have yet to read them, but am looking forward to a little “mind mush” as I like to call such books. I like a good read, but there are times when my brain just can’t handle a really good story and I look to read something that doesn’t require any thought or emotions. I just finished a semester at school, the weather’s crappy, my OH is sick, the kids are driving me nuts (because they can’t get outside), so I’m looking forward to a little getaway from the everyday…bring it on!!!

  9. Fifty shades of Grey is f**king wicked! I loved every bit of it. Get your noses out of the air. Not every book has to be Pride and Prejudice.

  10. im not sure why everyone is dissing this book so much on here! so what you dont like it thats cool you have your opinion! but how can you say that some lonely women wrote this for other lonely women ….umm clearly you havnt been listening first of all the author of the book is married…not lonely….also the readers of the book ..most of them are in relationships and these books have caused them to have a better sex life!!!….im pretty that well written or not thats a plus side! i have read all three books and no they are not the most well written books but there story is fanatastic!!! i would for sure tell people to read them even to just get some pointers on how to spice things up!!!! so all you people on your high horses who keep dissing the book get over yourself maybe you need to read them ….maybe you are the ones who need to spice it up a little! For anymore reading this who hasnt read it and is wondering if they should my answer is HELL YES! escape from everyday life! fall in love with christian grey and then curl up with your man and get it on!!!!!! :D

  11. everyone is dissing it because it is poorly written. i’m sure the story aspect of it is fine but for any literature lover, it’s impossible to read. i couldn’t get through the first chapter. calling this book good is like saying a mcdonalds cheeseburger is better than dinner at raymond’s.

  12. I think it is giving women permission to experiment. So many women are stuck in their ways. Won’t give blow jobs, won’t do it doggy style, need to lights off, need a massage and candle light. This books shakes that shit right out of you and let’s you see that there is more than missionary out there. A butt plug in your hiney isn’t new folks, but for the women reading these books, it is. I read the first two but can’t get my hands on the third one yet and yes, the writing is putrid but it’s an exciting little read. It’s no different than watching a floofy hollywood movie instead of a drama sometimes. Whatever floats yer boat!

  13. whats everyones problem anyway? would it kill people to just shut up for once. it’s like people with their nickelback critcism. don’t like it? don’t listen to it. don’t believe in god? believe in something else. don’t eat meat? eat vegetables.don’t like the books? don’t read them. there is too much negativity in the world. stop pushing your opinions on everyone. didn’t your mothers teach you that if you can’t say something to not say anything at all?

  14. It’s good that more people feel more comfortable reading erotica and expanding their repertiore sexually. Look up some Susie Bright and she will elad you to lots of other really great authors. :)

    • Really? How is this even a comment? Is this a high school playground or an adult blog entry? Good Lord some people amaze me. I guess you mean only “losers” also have sex because the book, well written or not, is opening up people minds about experimenting in the bedroom. How in any way AT ALL that makes you a “loser” is beyond me.

  15. If something opens up a persons mind, then it can’t be all that bad. Its not Shakespeare, but its not meant to be. Its mainstream, light reading on a subject that is not usually portrayed so openly in the mainstream. Wonderful. To group those of us who read it and enjoyed it on some level as losers or have low self esteem is very much stereotyping. I would think such well read people would have the intelligence to get beyond such things. I like some mindless reading, it can be more relaxing than heavy reading and it might have inspired taking the toys out of the box. Again, wonderful.

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