To Fake Or Not To Fake…

We’ve all seen (or at least, heard about) that famous scene in When Harry Met Sally and it’s a well known fact that fake orgasms don’t just happen in the movies. It’s such an odd thing to do so why do we do it?

Studies have shown that 67% of women and 30% of men fake orgasms regularly. That’s a lot of acting! We have been known to fake orgasms during intercourse, oral sex, manual stimulation, telephone sex,  and even cybersex.
We’ve deducted that people probably fake orgasms for the following reasons:
1. The sex is terrible and we want it to be over…FAST.
One way to end terrible sex is to just pretend you had an orgasm, sheepishly smile, shrug your shoulders and say “sorry”.  It usually works!

2. There’s pressure to perform.
Your partner is trying so hard to give you an orgasm and that just ain’t happening! So we fake it.  Some of us may feel that it’s easier than explaining or “teaching” our partner how to do it properly.  We don’t want to hurt our partners feelings and we want them to feel like they were pleasing us.

3.  We didn’t really want to have sex, but we felt obligated.
We were not in the mood for sex, but did so out of a feeling of obligation or guilt.  We end up faking the whole performance. Maybe we are stressed, or tired after some over time at work. Maybe our mind is on unpaid bills or family worries or maybe there are problems in the relationship. Whatever the reason, we weren’t into it to begin with.

It’s unfortunate that some of us fake orgasms, for whatever reason we may have. In the end, we are not doing anyone any favours. We are simply cheating ourselves out of real enjoyment.
And that’s no fun!

One thought on “To Fake Or Not To Fake…

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