You make my dreams come true…

It’s so easy to dismiss something that you don’t understand as being weird or strange . A lot of people consider anything that’s not their version of normal to be wrong.  The thing is, if something makes us happy and doesn’t harm others, can it truly be wrong?

I watched this really sweet movie a few years back called “Lars And The Real Girl”. This was long before I came to work at Our Pleasure, so I was a little blind to the reasons why any one would want to own a sex doll other than to simply have sex with it or to blow one up and bring it to George Street with you on some drunken night. After I watched this movie, it gave me a completely new understanding.

Lars is a sweet and socially awkward man who builds a relationship with a RealDoll named Bianca that he buys off the internet.  The movie is basically about why Lars distances himself from actual human contact, and how his family and friends and the town that he lives in grows to accept his RealDoll and how by having this doll he learns how to develop real relationships with real people.

This movie combined with my 5 years of working in a sexual health store has shown me the many reasons why someone would want a sex doll. Many people purchase these sex dolls as jokes or gags for parties and special occasions.  There are some people who purchase them simply as masturbatory aids  and then there are some people who purchase them to have as companions.
All of these reasons are completely acceptable. Blow up dolls can be a funny and inexpensive gag gift. The softer, more realistic dolls are a great masturbatory aid and yes, even a great companion for someone who feels it’s necessary or safer to distance themselves from an actual relationship with a real person.

It may not be the “norm”, it may not be something you’d ever be interested in, but to some people, it’s exactly how they want it to be and can we really judge or try to diminish someone’s happiness just because it it the opposite of what happiness is to us?

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