Sue, Ruth, Alfred & Dan

There have been some really great sex researchers, therapists and educators in our time. Here’s a little list of our favourites!

Alfred Kinsey paved the way and is highly regarded as the first of his kind. I read this really great quote that pretty much says it all: “Kinsey…has done for sex what Columbus did for geography.”
Within his research, he opened up an entire and much needed dialogue about our sex lives.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer was a breathe of fresh air in the eighties.  Coming at the topic of sex with frankness, respect, a whole lot of enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge, she was a psychologist bent on making sure you “got some.” (Her catch phrase was “get some”)

Sue Johanson was our Canadian sex scholar. Millions of people turned on their radios and tuned into the Sunday Night Sex Show each week waiting to hear her solutions to everybody’s sexual problems. A few of us may have even called in ourselves when we were teenagers (shh! I totally did that. I still have a cassette tape of the conversation somewhere)

…and then there’s Dan Savage. With his sex and relationship advice column Savage Love, he brought a whole lot of humor into the mix and a little bit of snarkiness. He started his column with the sole purpose of giving mocking advice to his heterosexual readers, as most advice columists could never really get a handle on answering questions from their gay readers. Dan Savage is apretty darn amazing and in 2010, along with his husband Terry Miller, they started the It Gets Better Project.

We are so very lucky to have had these wonderful people celebrating sex, teaching sex, researching sex and opening up our minds about sex. Do you have a favorite figure in the media that has taught you a thing or two about sex?
There are so many great people out there devoting their lives to sexuality.
Susie Bright is fantastic, as is Ducky Doolittle!
What about Violet Blue or Laura Berman?
Tell us who you adore!


2 thoughts on “Sue, Ruth, Alfred & Dan

  1. I saw Sex with Sue at MUN once. That was kinda weird. She did this thing with a condom and her mouth. I don’t remember her ever being on the radio tho, you sure that’s right??

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