The Money Shot

So…what’s the deal with facials?
I had a discussion with two of my female friends this week and they both declared that facials were degrading to women. They both agree that they would never let their partners ejaculate on their faces. Ever.
They both looked to me, assuming I would agree but I could not disagree more!
It was something I had fantasized about for years, but I was never in a relationship where I was comfortable asking for it and the partners I had never expressed the interest, until I was almost thirty years old. The facial often ends up being the “money shot” in a lot of adult films these days so that was how it peeked my interest. To me, there was something very sexy  about the act. I never once thought of it as degrading but rather…empowering.

Apparently, I’ve been told that it’s quite odd to be a female and to enjoy facials. From what I hear, a lot of females find semen to be unpleasant, unless it’s tucked safely away inside a condom or used to make babies.
I’ve asked friends and co-workers, I’ve read message boards. The general consensus, when it comes to facials is “no, thank you!”
…And this puzzles me greatly!

Everyone complains about the mess…oh but isn’t sex supposed to be messy? I would much rather have messy, passionate sex than tidy sex.  I would much rather kissing so hard sometimes that your teeth bump together by accident. Or, laughing with your partner as you realize your leg will not bend back that far.  Sex that is spontaneous and wet and all over the place appeals to me so much more than sex that stays in the same place on the bed, with your feet planted firmly on the mattress and your hair arranged perfectly on the pillow.
But everyone is different, right?
Some like it clean, and I like it dirty ;)
I talked to some of my guy friends regarding the whole degrading argument and not one of them admitted to wanting to give a facial to their partner in order to make them feel less than. They never once thought of it in that way at all.  I read this really great article once on the subject and the author concluded that in actuality, giving someone a facial has more to do with acceptance than degradation. Since so many females seem to be opposed to having semen on them, men start to develop a complex when it comes to their bodily fluids. You know how that works…you hear something enough, you start to believe it.
Think about in terms of the female body as portrayed in the media. We’ve been bombarded with thinner, able bodied ladies as the ideal. We’ve been told over and over that thinner is better so of course, all the thick ladies are counting their calories and wishing they were a size 2.

Same deal. Sort of.
It’s ok if you don’t want to give your boyfriend oral sex, and it’s also perfectly ok if you don’t want his semen on your body. Facials are just one of many, many sexual acts that you can enjoy(or not)
Not everyone loves giving oral sex, not everyone loves receiving it. No big deal. Some people like the missionary position and some go mad for doggystyle. It’s completely up to you.
The nice thing about sex is that experiementing with it is one of the most fun things you could ever do.
Don’t knock anything,until you try it!

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