I recently had a conversation with a friend who has a pre-teen son and she was concerned about his sexual education.  This year in school,  her son was finally being taught Sex Ed.  Her son’s teacher was very  adamant about abstinence. and her son came home and said “So, I have to wait until I get married to have sex? What if I never get married?”

Abstinence as the only option is an outdated approach.  It’s an approach based mainly on religious views in a world that is no longer, predominantly religious. Things have changed in a million ways over the years and sexual education for our children needs to get with the times.
Teaching your child about birth control, where to get it and how to use it and what kinds there are, is a far better approach to take. Teach them about what can happen when you don’t have safe sex. Tell them the statistics of teen pregnancy, tell them about STI’s.  Keeping your child informed on how to have safe sex is a way better option than telling them to not have sex.
We do think it would be great if kids waited until they were emotionally mature enough to handle the feelings that go along with sex, but the reality is some children are having sex as young as 12 years old.

Some parents have the fear that if they teach their children about sex, it is basically giving them permission to have it. News flash,  some kids are going to have sex with or without your permission. Please give them the tools and the knowledge to do it safely.

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