Good morning, lovers!
Welcome to our very first Q&A installment   We assume you  must feeling a little shy right now because only two of you had questions! We know, by the volume of questions we get everyday at our stores, that you guys have a lot on your mind! So compile those questions for next Tuesday and read on to see what our customers needed help with this week!

Hey OP,
Thought I’d give this a whirl! Me and my bf always talk about anal sex and joke about how gross it is. A couple of weeks ago, I saw that he had been watching anal porn on his computer. I was only agreeing that anal sex was gross because he thinks it is. I would TOTES be willing to play around with anal. Should I bring it up with him that I saw he was watching anal porn and tell him that I’m okay with playing around with it or should I give him his space and let him come to me? We haven’t been together for too long and I don’t know if he is just one of those people who is okay with seeing something and not okay with doing it. Ya know, like people who watch horror movies They like to watch it but would never consider actually slashing someone up. lol.
– Anally Anally

Hi Anally Anally,
Thanks so much for sending us your question!
Communicating with your partner is the best thing you can do for your sex life…and for your relationship in general.  We know that it can sometimes be intimidating to bring up the topic of sex, but once you do, you’ll be so glad that you did. Right now, the both of you are interested in anal play and neither of you is getting any. I think you should definitely bring it up with him. You may be right, he may just enjoy watching anal porn, but you will never know unless you ask.
If you’re too scared to bring up the topic out of the blue, why don’t you drop into one of our stores, pick up a video and watch it together?  Pick a video that has some anal sex scenes and let that open up the lines of communication for you. Simply saying” Hey, that’s not so gross afterall” may be the perfect way to start that conversation and before you know it, you might be adding another element to your sex life.
Good luck!

how small is too small for a dick 2 b to please a woman?

Hey Short,
This is a loaded question, but we will try our best to answer.
There are so many factors to take into consideration.
1. Most women achieve orgasm from clitoral stimulation so having a penis is not always  necessary to please  her.
2. It depends on the woman.  For example, when women come into our stores to purchase toys, some purchase long and thing, some purchase short and thick. Some women go for small and skinny. It really depends on the woman.
3. Only 0.6% of men are diagnosed with having a micropenis which is 2.76 inches long.  If you suffer from this condition, you can look into purchasing a penis extension if your partner needs something a little larger during intercourse.
4. You have fingers, a tongue and a mouth, these things can all please a woman quite well!
5. Don’t forget to please yourself as well!

Hey OP,
So I’ve been trying to have anal sex with my boyfriend but as much as we try I can’t handle the pain. I purchased what I believe is the smallest butt plug that you guys sell but even that hurts. My partner has a very large penis and the thought of trying to actually make it through anal seems impossible. We tried lots of lube but nothing seems to help. Is there some tips or maybe a numbing spray like the throat one that you can use to make anal less painfull?

Using a numbing product for anal play is not something that we suggest. The pain that you  feel is your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong.  It’s better to figure out how to make the act more comfortable than to numb yourself just so you can force your way through it. We want you to enjoy it!
We do carry a product that helps your body relax however, we suggest this over anything that would anaesthetize you.
We’re glad that you’re using lots of lube and starting small. That’s definitely the way to go!  If the small plug is still too big to start, why not go with some anal beads or a graduated anal toy? These toys allow you to start very small and work your way up.
Do you think that the problem you are having may be because of nervousness? Have you tried experimenting on your own with toys when your partner isn’t around.  It’s so much easier to relax and experiment when you are alone without the pressure of someone else watching or participating.
Above all, please don’t try to force it. Anal sex can be so very enjoyable, but if it isn’t,  don’t push it. Not every one enjoys it.  Maybe you are one of those people.
Good luck and thanks for writing!

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