Don’t you put it in your mouth…

You’ve heard all the hype about foods that make you frisky (Oysters? Come on now, apparently a person would have to eat 50 or more oysters to feel their aphrodisiac properties. We think after 50 oysters, you might want to throw up more than you’d want to get busy!) But have you heard about foods you should never eat before sex?
Here’s the list according to

1. Corn Flakes. John Harvey Kellogg invented Corn Flakes cereal because he thought a bland, sugarless, meatless breakfast would be the key to keeping down the urges. 

2. Gin and tonics. Quinine is the flavoring in tonic water — and also associated with lowering testosterone levels. The gin is a second strike, because, while alcohol is a key ingredient in about 99.3 percent of the world’s first-time sexual encounters, drinking too much alcohol can chemically inhibit the sex drive. (I believe the medical term is “whiskey dick.”) So a gin and tonic actually has both of its ingredients working against your libido. And yet… if you drink one, you’re probably more likely to have sex than the girl at the other end of the bar who’s only drinking water because she has to get up early in the morning to run with her marathon training group. Go figure.

3. Soy. Eastern monks eat soy because, they believe, it keeps down the sexual urges.

4. Mints. Mints and mint oils are flavored with menthol, which can reduce testosterone and, in general, “cool” off your body. It’s why a lot of the “stay hard” sex gels contain menthol. 

5. Cilantro. Eastern monks use cilantro (or, as it’s called outside of the Americas, coriander) because they believe it curbs their sex drive. This works directly contrary to what people did in the Middle Ages, when they used cilantro as the main ingredients in love potions, because they believed it helped their sex drives. 

6. Licorice. Eating a few pieces of black licorice won’t hurt your sex drive… but eating a lot of it could. Licorice can bring on hormonal changes, including a reduced libido in both genders. You’d probably have to eat almost an entire tub of it to do that though. (And you’re not going to. Because, odds are, you think black licorice is disgusting. Most people do.) 

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