Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Hello OP,
First of all, I just want to say how much I love your blogs! Now on to my questions, it’s another blowjob question, sorry! Okay, so I love giving my boyfriend a blowjob and he gets off pretty quick but when we have sex, he just goes limp. The only way he ever cums is when I am giving him a blowjob. What do you think could be wrong. I am worried that my vagina doens’t feel good or something. Help. What should I do. Do you guys have a tightening cream or something?
Yours truley,

Hello there Confused,
We are so glad you enjoy our blogs!
We do not mind another question about fellatio, so no worries! It can be a wonderful yet, complex thing! Have you tried talking to your partner about this issue? It could be that he is nervous about his performance, but there is no way for us to know for sure. Your best bet is to sit and talk with him about this issue to try and get your answers. There is probably nothing wrong with you at all. Erectile dysfunction happens for many, many reasons and only your partner or his doctor can know for sure what is going on.  Don’t worry about tightening creams or anything like that. Most of those creams basically dry out the lining of your vagina  making it seem tighter, when in reality it is just extremely irritated.  On the plus side, it sounds like you are a fellatio champion! Now talk to that boyfriend of yours so you can figure out what the deal is. Before you know it, you could be having wonderful sex! Good luck!

My woman is real bad at sex. She just lays there and doesn’t move or nothing. Not a sound out of her. We only been together for two months and I’m friggin bored to death. She’s nice, right, but I can’t be with her if she’s just there like a friggin lump. Should I say anyuthing to her or what?

Hi there,
Of course, if you approach the subject with sensitivity, there is absolutely no reason not to talk to her about it. Is she shy? Or, perhaps she grew up thinking that women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex (don’t laugh! it happens!) If you really like her, then your only solution is to gently bring up the subject and address it outright or be patient and throw in some hints. Watch some porn together and tell her how hot it makes you to hear these women enjoying themselves. Talk to her during sex, when you’re performing, ask her if she likes it…or get her on top!  She has to move then :)


I’m sleeping with a guy who doesn’t clean under his foreskin as thorough as he should.
He is excellent in bed except for the fact that he has a very rank smelling penis!
What’s the most sensitive way to bring this to his attention?

Hey J,
There’s no good way to bring this up without him possibly being offended.
First of all, are you sure it is a hygiene issue? If someone bathes regularly, they shouldn’t have a strong odour, perhaps it could be something more serious, like an STI or bacterial infection. Do you know if he has been tested recently? If you both have a clean bill of health, then there’s not much else to do but bring it up with him, with as much sensitivity as you can. Explain to him that you love having sex with him and everything else is great but that you are worried that something may be amiss with his penis. Perhaps he is completely unaware of the issue.  Or try bathing together, tell him how much you love the smell of super clean skin!
Good luck!

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