World’s Greatest Sexual Records

We came across an article packed full of outrageous, unbelievable and interesting sexual records…we thought we’d share a few!

– Dr. William Hartman and Dr. Marilyn Fithian of the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in Long Beach, CA have been recording orgasmic response in their lab for nearly 22 years. The most orgasms that they recorded in an hour for a female? A whopping 134!!!
For a male? Just 16.
Come on guys…you can do better than that!

-In July 1991, A Los Angeles woman was rushed to the emergency room where she had 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach!

-Maoni Vi of South Africa sets the record for longest pubic hair…28 inches long!
Her armpit hair is  an unbelievable 32 inches long!

– Lisa Sparxxx, a well known pornographic actress, sets the world record for having sex with the most partners in one day. During Eroticon, she had sex with 919 men in a 24 hour period.

-The biggest orgy ever recorded was in Japan with 250 couples in attendance!

– petey

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