Be scent-sible

Scents are a funny thing.
Have you ever dated someone that had a scent that you abhorred or have you ever been with someone who had a scent that you didn’t notice at all?
I once dated someone who smelled like cranberries when he would sweat. It made me ill. To this day, whenever I smell something cranberry scented, I want to vomit. Funny thing, it wasn’t a bad relationship  not at all. He was a great guy. There’s just something about his scent that made me squirm away when he was near. I also have been in a few long term relationships where I didn’t notice my partner having a scent at all. No cologne, unscented deodorant and no natural scent that I could detect.

My current (and hopefully forever) boyfriend is out of the country for a week and he left his grey plaid shirt at my house, casually thrown over the back of the sofa, and I find myself absent mindedly picking up the shirt and nuzzling it without realizing I am doing. He doesn’t wear cologne, but the way he smells drives me mad.  Even after a 3 hour hike, I want to jump his bones.

Our sense of smell, on a primitive level, does two things. It helps us find food and a mate. Now of course, in this day and age, we can just venture to the supermarket and find food without sniffing it out and as for finding a mate, usually we let out eyes do that for us first. The fact that I’ve never been so “sniffy” with another partner before, leads me to believe that there really is some truth wrapped up in all this pheromone stuff.
I like to think that because my nose is so madly in love with my boyfriend, that this is, actually me sniffing out my life-mate. I mean, what else could it be, right?

Do you have a smell story? Have you ever met someone who you thought was gorgeous, but the way they smelled turned you off?


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