Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!
We apologize  for not getting this up yesterday! Better late than never, right?


Hey Our Pleasure,
I’m really glad you have this question and answer thing because there are some things we might be too shy to ask about in person. I am a single woman in my forties, recently divorced and only now am I really letting myself have sexual pleasure. I’ve been looking at a lot of pornography on the internet and realized I am into things I never thought I would be. I am really interested in forced sex and I’ve become obsessed with the idea of being taken by a stranger. Do you know somewhere that I can request this? I would like to arrange it before meeting the person. As well, do you sell female condoms at your stores? If someone is going to force themselves on me, I would like to be prepared and protected before hand and not have him fool around with putting on a condom so that it feels more authentic. Thank you for any thing you can tell me about this.Love your stores and this blog!

Well hello there Experimental,
Thank you for taking the time to write us!
We actually started this weekly Question and Answer segment exactly for that very reason. Some people really are too shy and it’s so much easier to be open and honest when you’re anonymous.
First and foremost, we want to stress to you how careful you must be when experimenting with this sort of role playing. We really would suggest that you partake in this activity with a trusted partner.  This sort of fantasy is more common than you would believe but it can also come with many, many risks.
Before you jump headlong into this fantasy, we do suggest dipping your toes in to start.  You may be putting yourself in a very vulnerable position and could open yourself up to an actual assault. A non-consensual or forced sex  fantasy should be discussed thoroughly with a partner that you trust, with safe words in place in case either of you change your mind or would like to stop.  It’s always best to negotiate exactly what you want with a partner before hand so that there are no surprises and so that your boundaries and limits (and theirs) are being respected.
If you’re still interested in tracking a play partner down, we suggest somewhere like (there’s a newfoundland group) where it should be easier to find someone who is into safer play practices than just a random person from an adult classifieds site.
Good luck!



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