Get Slippery!

How much do you really know about lubricant? I recently had a wonderful night of tea and chats with one of my best friends (yes I know…I sound like my grandmother.!)
The subject of lubricant came up and she informed me that her doctor had actually recommended she use Vaseline as a lubricant.  My jaw dropped!  Most of us don’t think much about lubricant. The funny thing is, it is – believe it or not – very important, especially when using toys.

There are a number of things that are not recommended as lubricant: Baby oil, Desensitizers or Stimulating products, Essential oils, Heating/Cooling/Tingling Lotions, Massage Oils, Products Containing Sugar or Dyes, Petroleum Jelly, Soaps, Vaseline, and many more.  All of these products are known to either upset the PH balance of the vagina, and/or have been proven to degrade condoms.

When you think of oil for example, it’s supposed to create a layer to reduce friction – check – but have you ever put any thought into if it does damage to your toys, or worse, your condoms!? Due to the loss of elasticity caused by these lubricants, they can degrade certain toys, and have been known to actually put little holes in condoms. Not to mention that even though your vagina is self cleansing, oil can stick around in there for a while, and can aid the growth of certain bacteria.

What about Desensitizers and stimulating products? Well, for starters, why would you want to desensitize your vagina!? It’s a wonderful place, full of wonderful sensations, if stimulated correctly!  And stimulating products? Most of them use menthol and/or peppermint for a cool tingly feeling; others use cinnamon oil to create a warming sensation. If used inside the vagina, they can cause an uncomfortable burning sensation.  There are desensitizers and stimulating products out there that are not condom compatible as well!

Any products that contain sugars or dyes are known to upset the PH balance, and can cause additional irritation, especially in women who already have sensitivities. Did you know that yeast and other bacteria feed on sugars? Surprisingly, we have a certain amount of yeast, bacteria and natural sugars in our bodies and in our vaginas, but when we add additional sugar it promotes the growth of that natural yeast and bacteria. Might not be such a fun time. . .

Soaps; this comes up as lubricant, but it also comes up with cleaning toys.  Every time you use soap as a lubricant, you are drying out the inside of your vagina.  You remove all the natural enzymes that keep your vagina healthy and you are leaving being a soap residue that can lead to irritation for most women.  Just take a moment to think about your shower curtain.  Say you put up a new curtain a couple weeks ago.  By now you are starting to see the soap scum build up on it.  This would be the same idea as cleaning your toys, only every time you insert the toy into your vagina; you’re also flushing the soap residue off and into your vagina, so you will never get to see the buildup on your toy.

When considering a lubricant, there are a few things you should take into consideration:
1) Do you have sensitivities; can you use scented bath products?
2) Do you know the differences in water based, water based flavored and silicone based lubricants
3) If you have used lubricant before, do you prefer thicker or thinner?
4) It’s always a good idea to feel the testers and see what one you like the feel of better, because no two lubricants are exactly the same!

Please remember, you can always ask our friendly, professional staff!  We are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have!

–  Kyra

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