The Right Stuff

Tackling the ins and outs of personal lubricant can be a bit daunting. Most of us know that oil based lubricants or massage oils are basically a no-no. Most of us also know that Vaseline or other household items like lotions and moisturizers are also on the “no way” list. Anything not specifically listed as a personal lubricant is pretty much something you want to stay away from, just in case. If we can avoid irritating our most sensitive parts, we should try our hardest not to!
So that brings us to the things you know are safe. Water based lubricants are what a lot of people stick to. Most are not irritated by any of the ingredients and it’s safe for use with all toys but have you ever thought about using silicone lubricant?
Silicone may sound a bit scary but fear not! It’s actually the safest lubricant on the market!

Pure Silicone lubricant cannot produce any topical body reactions. There are absolutely no irritants, allergens or microbes that can attach to your molecules and grow bacteria. Silicone lubricants ingredients are inert, meaning they will not produce any sort of biological reaction. Safe as safe can be!

Another plus? Silicone lubricant never has to be reapplied so you do not run the risk of your lubricant drying out in the middle of what could have been a really great moment. The molecules in silicone lubricant are sort of shaped like ball bearings so they constantly roll and glide over each other and never dry out. It is, of course, a different feeling than using a water based, but more and more people are switching from thick water based that needs to be re-applied to slippery silicone that never does.

If you have questions as to silicone lubricant being the right lubricant for you, feel free to drop into one of our stores and speak to a staff member! We can point you in the right direction!

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