Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

If my bf watches porn with lots of threesomes does it mean he wants one because I don’t.

Hi there,
This question is better left for your boyfriend to answer. It’s hard for us to know exactly what it is that your boyfriend desires without actually talking to him.
And the thing is, sometimes what porn we watch doesn’t mean a whole lot. There may be something in the particular videos he watches that has nothing to do at all with how many people are involved and sometimes the little fantasies that we have have little to actually do with what we want in our real life. Your best bet is to just talk to him about it.

Dear OP,
Wazzup? My girlfriend never wants to give me head and it’s starting to piss me off. I am fine giving it to her and I do it pretty often but she says she hates the taste and that she hates “what comes out” of me. What can I do? I’m pretty desperate here.

We can help! We carry plenty of flavoured lube which will help with her issues surrounding the taste. We also carry a product called Good Head which is a flavoured oral sex gel made specifically for instances such as this!
If you both agree to fellatio and then her finishing you off manually that should
alleviate any fear that she may have regarding you ejaculating in her mouth. Or,  plan to have your happy ending elsewhere on her body which may be a super hot alternative for you, visually. Talk to her and tell her how you feel. She may have had a bad experience with a former partner. Don’t hold her head or thrust(unless of course she is ok with that) just take it slow if she does agree and before you know it, she may become a real fellatio expert!
You can thank us later! hehe



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