Sex with your ex

If you’ve ever had an ex, you’ve probably had “ex sex”.
A lot of relationship experts advise against it, stating that it will just prolong the ache of a break up or that it will dig up feelings better left buried.
But can it work?  Is there a way to turn your feelings off and get off at the same time?  Most will say no, but I say maybe!
I think if the break up is mutual and enough time has passed…then why not?
You have a connection with this person and you know them…much safer than sex with a random stranger that you’ve dragged off from a bar or picked up on Plenty Of Fish.  As long as your relationship wasn’t destructive or abusive in any way, you should be fine. Bonus, if you guys had a great sex life!
I had a partner once that I spent three years with. Our breakup was mutual and there were no hard feelings, whatsoever.  A couple of months after, we hooked up a few times. My heart survived and it was fun. We laughed then and we still laugh about it now. No damage done.
Think you can pull it off? What are your views on the matter? Can it be done?

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