The Never List

If you own a vagina, here is a list of ten things you never want to do:

1.  Stop paying attention to your menstrual cycle. If your periods drastically change, get it checked out. Never chalk it up to ageing or a normal bodily change. It could be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids or a type of cancer such as ovarian, cervical, or uterine.

2. Self diagnose. Many women assume they just have a yeast infection when in fact that may have Bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. If something feels wrong, go get checked out…unless of course, you’re a Gynocologist yourself!

3. Douching. Let me just be straight up with you – Don’t do it.

4. Applying a body powder made of talc to your girl bits. It’s not going to make you feel fresher…what it’s going to do is increase your risk of ovarian cancer. The American Association for Cancer Research did a study and it seems that frequent or long term use of talc powder to keep dry or feel fresher down below can double and maybe even triple the risk of ovarian cancer. Talc is not your friend!

5.  Not make time for sex.  Sex feels awesome, alone or with a partner. Never skip out on the sex, it keeps your brain and your body healthy!

6.  Not using Tampons properly. According to Health Canada:

* Use the lowest absorbency that will meet your needs. All tampons licensed for sale in Canada use a standardized, absorbency-labelling system. This means that any tampon of a stated absorbency, no matter which brand, will absorb the same amount of fluid.

* Do not use tampons until your period begins. Do not use them as a precaution because you expect your period to start on a given day, or to control other types of discharge.

* Wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon.-

* Change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours, and do not use tampons overnight.-

* Remember to remove each and every tampon.-

* Alternate the use of tampons with external protection, like pads and liners.

7.  …which brings us to panty liners and pads. Don’t wear one every day! The plastic on the back of the liner doesn’t allow air flow so it traps sweat which leads you down the road to bacterial and fungal infections…no one wants this! Also,  the friction of the panty liner against the very delicate skin down there can cause irritation. Only wear one when you absolutely have to and make sure to change it every 4 hours!

8.  Not doing kegal exercises. You really should! They help prevent incontinence later in life, they strengthen your pc muscles , they help you achieve stronger orgasms and they are one of the easiest exercises you’ll ever do. You can even eat a cheeseburger while you’re doing them!
Get at it! Do them while you’re reading this!

9. Not exploring our own bodies. Most women never look at their vaginas and they should!

10. Not visiting your doctor often enough. This one is pretty simple. We all know that we should pay more attention to our vaginal health. Make an appointment today!

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