Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Not a question but a comment. Great booth at the Risque Sex Expo last weekend you guys! As always, it was MY pleasure to shop at Our Pleasure. Me and my hubby were some of the first people in the door on Saturday morning and your booth was the first one we headeded for. We were greated by a sexy blonde, a ravishing brunette and a sultry redhead. Great girls They were very helpfull and funny. We ended up buying a new swing and installed in the same day. We had a time I tell ya! We want to say thank you to the 3 lovely ladies who chatted with us on Saturday morning. 

Thank you so much for your kind words! We had a blast at the Sex Expo and hope to do it again next year.  Customers like you, are why we had such a fabulous time at the show. Glad to hear you enjoyed your swing!

Hi OP,
My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and want to try something new. We were considering buying a strap on or vibrator but we are not very familiar with sex toys. We were wondering about prices and sizes, and what the harnesses for the strap ons are like. We are a bit shy about going into your stores.


Hi Wondering,
Oh! You guys are in for a treat! There is an entire world of sex toys out there just waiting for you! Searching for the perfect toy for your relationship is so much fun! Prices will vary. You can get toys for under $5. You can also spend hundreds of dollars on one toy.  Expensive doesn’t always mean better and cheaper doesn’t always mean terrible.  The size of a toy also varies. First you must decide what kind of you want. For example, if you’re looking for an anal toy, you would want to start small and purchase a beginner’s anal toy. If you’re looking for a vibrator or dildo/dong for insertion, again, smaller may be better for a beginner. If you’ve never used toys before, we normally like to suggest something inexpensive and something smaller.
Again, the harnesses for strap ons vary as well.  Some are made of leather, some of vinyl and some of velvet.  Some are made of fabric and look like underwear. They come in all colours, some are even transparent. A lot of harnesses come in a plus sized or regular sized option.
You shouldn’t feel shy visiting one of our store locations. We’re there to help and we are completely non-judgemental! If you visit on our stores, our staff will be more than happy to take all of their strap ons out of the packaging so you can better decide what works best for you.  You can even try one on(over your clothing of course) to see if that style works for you. We promise, we will do out best to make sure that you leave our store with something fun to play with!

Totally serious about this question and not trying to be gross but how do you get the smell out of anal toys b/c mine smell horrible. I washed my plug and beads out with water and soap and I even put them in the washer with towels and let them go through the cycle but when I snif them they are still really gross

Because some toy materials are porous, it can be tough to get odours out. Have you tried using a toy cleaner? You can spray it on and let it sit for awhile. If this still doesn’t work and you cannot live with the smell, we suggest you purchase new toys. You can purchase toys that are not porous such as glass, metal or silicone or you cover your toys with condoms each time you use them :)

Hi Our Pleasure,
Do all men watch porn or what? Sick of this!

Hi Jealous,
We cannot say for sure that all men watch porn…but we’re willing to bet the majority do. According to some studies, males as young as 12 are watching porn  at least once or twice a week.  A lot of women watch porn as well, although studies say, not as much as men.  We are very visual creatures and most of us like to watch sexy things happen on TV, in movies, magazines or on our computer screens.  It’s very normal and there really isn’t anything wrong with it unless it harms or hinders your life and relationships in any way or if it becomes excessive. (Excessive as in you’re staying home from work for weeks at a time and spend most of that time with your hands in your pants and a bag of cheetos next to you on the sofa, watching porn and not speaking to anyone and forgetting to feed your cat)
We really hope that you are not as jealous as your name suggests though. You really have nothing to be jealous about.  You know how some people masturbate with toys? Well, porn is pretty much just another toy.  If you have a partner that watches porn and you’re feeling a little miffed about it…don’t. (Excuse us if we’re making assumptions, I’ve been there and know how those feelings can become toxic.)  Chances are, it’s completely harmless. If you do indeed have a partner that watches porn and you’re feeling a little sore about it, talk to him. Tell him why you feel upset about it and give him a chance to explain.

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