Turn me on!

Female stimulants can be tricky if you’ve never used one before. There are so many on the market and it can be hard to chose one.
A new product that we’ve all come to love in the past year is a product called ON. This botanically formulated oil can do the most amazing things to your clitoris. It warms and tingles, awakening all your nerve endings and introducing you to sensations you’ve never had before.

ON claims to help a woman’s body respond easier to stimulation and help with the production of natural lubrication.  They also claim to have the most powerful formula on the market.
This tiny vial of oil will create a totally unique sensation while applied to the clitoris. We have had a customer say that this oil makes her clitoris buzz and hum.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

ON is made especially for women who need a little extra oompf during sex. It’s also great for women looking to have more powerful or quicker orgasms. Some women claim it’s also great for producing a little extra lubrication when they need it the most.

..and if this matters, Dr. Laura Berman(as seen on Oprah) endorses it, as well!

They say that the sensations last for 45 minutes or more depending on the women as well as the time of the month that the woman uses it. (Sensations and length of stimulation can vary depending on what stage of your menstrual cycle you are in as our hormones tend to bounce around a bit during these times!)

Are you in the market for a new clitoral stimulant? Do you think ON may be something you’d like to try?

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