Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Does everybody gag when giving a blow job or is there something wrong with me?

Hi there,
Not everyone gags when performing oral sex but there are a lot of people who do. I spoke to a customer once who used to gag while brushing her teeth so the act of giving oral sex to a man was especially difficult for her.  We carry a product called Comfortably Numb (like the Pink Floyd song!) that will numb the back of your throat and tongue. This usually helps to control the gag reflex that some people have.
P.S. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you at all! No worries! It happens to a lot of people :)
How do you have sex on your period?

Not much differently than if you have it when you aren’t menstruating :)
Here are a few tips!
– it probably won’t be as messy as you might think it will be so don’t worry or stress about it too much
– just in case, put a towel underneath you to avoid staining your sheets
– if you’re concerned about the possibility of a mess, keep tissues or wipes near by
– some women prefer missionary over any other position during menstruation
-you might want your partner to wear a condom if your partner is a male and he is concerned about any mess that may occur or if you are in a non-monogamous relationship
-some women prefer sex in the shower during their time of the month as the water will wash any menstrual blood away

Hey Our Pleasure,
I don’t know when I started doing this but now it’s a habit. I have to “taste myself” after I have a orgasm. Not just taste but eat it all. What does that mean? I’m not gay.

Hi there,
We don’t think that it means anything other than that you like the taste of your ejaculate :)
Some men do this. Some women do as well.
There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re  not sure why you stated that you were not gay. Tasting your own ejaculate wouldn’t mean you were gay, anyway. You’re only gay if you’re romantically or sexually attracted to the same sex.

Dear Our Pleasure,
Love your stores and love this blog! I have 2 questions. Can flavored lube give you a yeast infection and can using a vibrator give you a yeast infection? Thanks.

The dreaded yeast infection! As most of us know, yeast infections pop up whenever they want to. We swear they have a mind of their own!
We try our best to prevent them, but you just never know sometimes when one will sneak in! Flavoured lubricant and vibrators don’t normally cause yeast infections  but in your case, we certainly can’t rule it out. Flavoured lubricant is usually perfectly fine for most people, but if your bits are extra sensitive, it may be something you want to stay away from as it does often contain some sugars or sweetening agents.  If you suspect your vibrator was the culprit, you should always make sure you are cleaning your toys thoroughly with a proper toy cleaner(not soap and water). Soap residue may the cause of your irritation. A vibrator alone, when properly cleaned, should not cause a yeast infection.

Hi O.P.
My boyfriend has a fetish where he wants me to wear bright red lipstick and then give him oral sex.  That’s all fine and good but it smears all over my face and if you wear lipstick you know how hard it is to get off your lips, nevermind the skin  around your lips. He also likes me to put that lipstick on my nipples and on the outer lips of my vagina. I have red stains all over my body for days. 
Is there anything you could recommend?  

Hi Stained,
We’re sorry that you’re getting messy and it’s hard to clean up. We suggest checking out some beauty blogs or visit your nearest Shopper’s Drugmart and talk to the person at the cosmetic counter who can help you find a lipstick that doesn’t transfer or stain.

We read, once upon a time, that Benetint(a lipstain made by the makeup/beauty company called Benefit) was originally created for an exotic dancer to stain her nipples a rosey pink colour.
If your partner just likes to see you with more colour, this may work for you.
It will stain your skin but will stay in the place you put it without transferring at all.
If a part of why he wants you to wear this red lipstick is for the sexy sight of seeing it smeared on your face, body and on his penis, definitely look for something that doesn’t transfer and is easy to remove.
Or, you could always purchase some stronger make up remover.
Good luck!

One thought on “Answers!

  1. Baby oil with a soft facial pad or cotton ball can be used to remove lipstick very easily. I wear 16 hour lipstick and the baby oil removes it from my lips very easily without having to scrub it off.

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