Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

I’m trying to find some other people who like the same things I do. I think it’s super hot when women gain weight. I’d like to find a small woman and fatten her up. The idea of getting off while a woman eats and eats and gains weight is so hot to me. Do you know of anyone else like this? I want to find a woman who is into this too and who wants to get fat.

Hi there,
It’s sounds as if you’re interested in feedism/feederism. Your best best is to check out and search for other fet-lifers from Newfoundland(There are tons!). You can also check out this site for more like-minded people! Good luck!

I have a pimple near my vagina. Could this be a STD?

Hi there,
If you notice any lumps or bumps near your genitals and you are concerned about them, please make an appointment with your doctor.

Why do only girls work in your stores?

They don’t. We have two male staff members at the moment and have had many male staff members in the past. More females apply for positions with the company than males so that is often why there are more females than males working in our stores.

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