Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

 I am in search of some interesting gift idea. I want to surprise her with something naughty that she will enjoy a great deal. So far she doesnt have almost any sex toys thus i was thinking something in this line. She is pretty. very hot and like experimenting new things. One of her very favorate is usually to have me personally insert cucumber in her. I am not sure what might be good idea for her to start with…thanks!

Hi there,
We have a great selection of vibrators and dildos/dongs on our website that might work if penetration is something she enjoys. You might also want to drop into one of our store locations to get some ideas. Our staff members can put some batteries in the battery operated toys so that you can get a better idea of how they work. You can then choose the perfect toy for your partner!

Dear Our Pleasure, 
My wife and I have been together for about 4 years and I’m extremely bored of her. Do you know some places for discreet hook ups? I want to have sex with other women but not prostitutes so that my wife doesn’t know.

Hi there,
Talk to your wife and ask her if she is ok with you sleeping with other women.  If not, we suggest getting a divorce. If she is ok with you sleeping with other women, check out NL Adult classifieds or Craigslist to find willing partners.

When is your dt location opening?

We opened on Monday afternoon! Come see us at 118 Duckworth Street!

Do you have to be kinky to work at your stores? I just applied for a job but I’m not.

Hi there,
What kind of sex you like to have or don’t like to have is never taken into consideration when we do our hiring.
We look for employees that are open, tolerant, and interested in sexual health. It’s also a major plus if you’re comfortable when discussing sex related topics.


I can’t stand how I look and I’m petrified to be in the buff with my man. What if he sees me naked and sees that I’m fat and thinks I’m disgusting? Should I wait until I lose weight?

Hi there,
Chances are, your partner has looked at your body a million times. He knows what size you are and he’s with you because he enjoys you. Just as you are. Fat is not a bad word and it is not a bad thing to be fat. I know we are taught that it is, but it truly isn’t. Fat is just another word to describe a body. Fat, skinny, chubby, tall, short…light skinned, dark skinned, freckled…
As hard as it may be at times, to truly enjoy your life (and sex),  you need to accept and love your body as it is right now. If you’re a fat chick right now, embrace it. Love it. If you want to change, then change, but love your body through those changes. Don’t plan to love it later. Don’t wait until you lose weight.
Also, if you search through, you can find a million body acceptance blogs if you need some help learning to love who you are right now. It can be very inspiring. Browse through them and check out all the women and men who love their bodies, no matter the shape, size, or colour. I’m sure you’ll be able to see the beauty in them and eventually see the beauty in yourself.


Dear OP,
I got a problem. My vagina smells weird. I haven’t had sex yet because I’m afraid that I stink bad. What should I do?

Hi there,
Vaginas aren’t supposed to smell like flowers. They are supposed to smell like vaginas. If you are genuinely concerned, definitely go to your doctor.
In general, if you are not having sex and you’re keeping clean, you do not have a yeast infection and you’re visiting your gynecologist regularly, any odour is likely normal and perfectly fine.

All vaginas have their own scents. It can change based on your hygiene habits, if you’re sweating or not, if you’re menstruating, if you’ve just had sex, what you are eating, what kind of panties you are wearing, etc…Check with your doctor and if everything is healthy and fine down there, don’t worry if you don’t smell like rose petals. You’re not supposed to :)




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