Good morning, lovers! It’s question and answer time!

Loving your new store on Dyckworth Street! It’s small but soooo nice and the girl working there was great. We-Vibes for everyone!

Hi there, We’re so glad you came to visit our new store and that you had a great experience! Drop back and see us again, sometime!

I thought a pocket rocket was that little silver thing with a remote control?

Hi there,
This is a pocket rocket. What you’re referring to is what we usually call a bullet.  :)

Hi Our Pleasure,
I would like to buy a vibrator for myself but I’m not old enough. I’m not immature or anything but I still have four years until I am legal allowed to come into your stores. Is there a chance that you can give me a break if I come into your store up by the village?

Hi there,
Unfortunately, you have to be 19 to enter our stores. This a law put in place by the city of St. John’s. Please come visit us when you turn 19 and we’d be glad to help you find something suitable!

Hi I have a strong desire to be raped and I was wondering how to go about that? 

Hi there,
We’re assuming you want to do some role playing with a non consensual theme rather than actually being raped. Rape is an incredibly traumatic experience for all who have had to endure it.

Non consensual fantasies are often called Ravishment fantasies.
In a role playing situation such as this, anyone participating would discuss the situation in great detail before hand. You will have to talk about limits, negotiate safe words etc before you act out your fantasy.
When participating in this type of consensual roleplay, it’s a good idea to do so with someone that you trust.
Try meeting a partner on and building a relationship with someone who has similar sexual desires/kinks as you.


I have a problem. I bought a dolphin there last year and now I don’t want to have sex with my hubby. I still love him but he just doesn’t do it for me. lol I’ve been thinking what’s the point. he doesn’t vibrate. Anyway any suggestions? 

Hi there,
We recommend sitting down with your husband and talking with him. You obviously need a little more stimulation than straight up sex is offering you. Try masturbating with your vibrator while your husband watches so he can see which ways you enjoy being stimulated. Chances are, you haven’t really shown him and unfortunately, our bodies don’t come with user manuals. In general, we expect our partners to know exactly how we like to be touched and it’s rare that a lover will dive right in and automatically know which buttons to press!
After you’ve let him see what really gets you off, let him try to mimic that same sort of stimulation the next time you’re feeling frisky. Intimacy is so important is a relationship.
Put away your vibrator and focus on your sex life with your husband. Try touching each other more often. Masturbate together. Play. Explore each other. Work together to make your sex life a priority.

An adult toy shouldn’t replace sexual contact with your partner. You should want to be intimate with him. If you’ve decided that you prefer your vibrator over him, there’s a problem. Unless, of course, you have both agreed to stop having sex.  If you’re not into experimenting and If your husband wants to have sex and you do not, you might want to try some counseling. It’s not beneficial to your marriage to  stop having sex, especially if you’re not in mutual agreement.


I used to have normal nipples but than I got them pierced and they are extremely sensitive. I took out the rings but I am still having the same problem. My girlfriend loves to play with my nipples but the stimulation is intense to the point of painful and I become unarounsed from the feeling. I know that I can just ask her to stop touchimng them but I know how much she likes it and I miss it too! Any products that can help???


Hi there,
This is a tough one. We can suggest some products that desensitize but I’m getting the feeling that you’re not looking to be completely numb. Something you might want to try is to use a lubricant on your nipples when you’re playing with your partner as a way to prevent friction. Perhaps a slippery, lighter touch may not be as unpleasant. The pain should be less and she’ll get to still touch your breasts.
Also are your nipples overly sensitive in general or just when you are aroused? You can try regularly touching/rubbing them to desensitize them. Try not wearing a bra sometimes, especially at night in bed, let the tissue/nerve endings become used to constant stimulation. I’ve dealt with something similar before and my doctor’s solution was to over stimulate in order to desensitize.
If all else fails, try visiting a shop that caters to new mothers. They often have creams and lotions that can help with painful or overly sensitive nipples. You also might want to get your doctor to check things out to make sure everything is fine. Good luck! We hope it works out for you!





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