Kiss me under the mistletoe!

mistletoe-sprig1Mistletoe hung in doorways during the holiday season can produce some extremely steamy situations.
Everyone is happy and having a good time. Your mouth is warm from hot cocoa, you have delightful minty breath from eating all of those candy canes, maybe you’re even a little tipsy from that extra mug of your best friends eggnog. The whole world feels intoxicating!
What a great time to corner that special someone and plant one on them.

Hanging mistletoe on every inch of your ceiling may be going a little overboard, but you can’t blame a person for going to extreme lengths for the perfect kiss!
So if you’re looking forward to kissing non-stop through the holidays, make sure to follow these tips!

1. One of the most important tips is to pay attention to your breath! Bad breath is a terrible turn off and no one wants to kiss and keep kissing when stale breath is involved. You don’t need to drink an entire bottle of mouthwash, but fresh breath is sexy. Brush your teeth and tongue after you eat and carry some gum or breath mints if you’re out for the night.

2. Moisten those lips! Dry, sandpaper lips do not make for exciting kisses! You also want to stay clear of too much lip gloss, chapstick or lipstick. As unappealing as dry lips are…overly wet or gooey ones are just as bad.

3. Kissing is electric when it’s done right.
…And right means something different to everyone.
You may love the perfect blend of soft and slow, but your partner may enjoy harder kisses with lots of tongue.
You need to compromise or invent a whole new way to kiss! Try kissing their way for awhile and then ask them to kiss the way you like to be kissed. Together you can create the perfect kiss that will satisfy the both of you.

4. Breathe! Please don’t forget to breathe! We all know that when the person of your dreams is kissing you, you may have a tendency to hold your breath. Trust us, they will enjoy kissing you while you’re conscious much more than if you’re unconscious!

5. Relax. A relaxed kiss feels natural and is always enjoyable. If you’re tense, your lips may be stiff and unpleasant. If the both of you are relaxed and completely into kissing each other, you should expect nothing short of fireworks!

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