Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!


Dear Ourpleasure,
Can I use a vibrator anally? Will it hurt?

Hi there,
You can use any vibrating toy anally provided it has a flared base and you’re using adequate lubrication. Also make sure that the toy you are using has no sharp edges or rough seams. We carry many vibrating toys made specifically for anal play. Drop into your nearest Our Pleasure and check some out! Or, you can shop from our anal section on our website!


I don’t like your Mount Pearl store

We are sorry to hear that. Is there any reason why or do you just prefer to shop at another location?


My vagina is very itchy and I just had sex with my boyfriend. Do you think I gave him something? I’m trying not to scracth but I’ve rubbed a lot and it’s very painful and sore now.


Hi there,

We suggest that you make an appointment with your doctor to figure out what’s wrong. You might want to abstain from sexual activity until you know for sure.


My boyfriend got me a vibrator for Christmas but I don’t want to use it. He bought it from there, can we bring it back?

Hi there,
Unfortunately, because of the intimate nature of our products, we do not offer returns or exchanges.


When are you going to get lingerie for plus sized ladies? We need sexy things too, Our Pleasure! Come on!

Hi there,
Our Pleasure has been carrying lingerie in size 1x up to a 4x for years! Drop in and try some things on!

I’ve got a comment about your new store. Even though it’s on the smaller side I got to say that it was fun shopping there. The two ladies were great. One of them wasn’ty as professional as the other one but my friend loved her style whiel I was more drawn to the other, more professional girl. Had a laugh.Like I said, it might not be a big store but you had everything we wanted!

Hi there,
Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience.We’re glad you enjoyed your visit!


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