Natural VS Enhanced

So, last night I found this app on my iphone that alters your facial appearance so you can look “perfect” 365 days of the year. Naturally, I had to take a picture of myself and see what I could look like with plastic surgery! These were the results:



The modifications I made were:

  1. I took weight off my face as if I had liposuction
  2. I have a nose job to remove the bump I received from a broken nose
  3. My cheeks have been lifted and filled
  4. My skin has been chemically peeled and rejuvenated
  5. My eyes have been tilted and drawn back to look more exotic
  6. I’ve also had my eyes treated with a laser to remove the dark circles and indentations
  7. Contact enhancers to make my eyes POP
  8. My hair was made full and long through extensions
  9. My hairline was brought down further on my forehead to reduce the long forehead look

Overall, if you look at the enhanced picture, I look like a doll with perfect skin, bright, wide eyes and full hair. Obviously some of these things I can accomplish without plastic surgery; the hair extensions, the big eyelashes, proper makeup application and contacts. But that’s a LOT of work to do every morning before starting my day.

I posted a few pictures on Facebook and I will share with you some of the responses I received (I won’t post who wrote them)

“You look so much nicer than these pics it looks too fake. Real Beauty is nicer this don’t even look real!”


“It’s pretty but it not really u the real u is just as pretty”


“If only you looked like that” (this one kinda hurt)


“ U look good now. U are upsetting me with this because u are pretty the way u are” (My beautiful girlfriend)




“The person who made this app should be shot in the teeth. All this is going to do is make young girls obsess with how to make themselves look like this and why they aren’t pretty on their own”

And my personal favorite:

 “Gross. I feel like someone would kidnap you and put you on a shelf like a real doll. Ya know like a living doll and then murder and stuff you with fluff.”

(seriously? Lol)


So what do YOU think? Would you get plastic surgery to make yourself “perfect” as per social media’s standards or are you happy with who you are?  I’d love to hear your comments!



3 thoughts on “Natural VS Enhanced

  1. I believe firmly that beauty comes from the imperfections we all have. We may hate the bumps on our noses, the lines around our eyes, the dimples in our cheeks, but they are what makes us interesting, different, and simply put, US! It is so important to embrace your natural beauty, and you my dear are just that: BEAUTIFUL! Without the cheek implants, the nose-job and the chemical peel, you are an absolute knock-out. Saying that, it can be fun to play with the “what-ifs” in life. I personally really enjoy the app that makes you look 60 years older, it’s great. That is, as long as we can remember that it is just for fun and not to kill ourselves in an attempt to strive toward some unattainable perfection standard.

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