Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!


How do you make a girl go down on you?

Well,first of all, you don’t “make” her go down on you. But you can certainly ask her if she wants to. If she doesn’t want to, then I’m sorry, you’re probably out of luck. If she says yes, then good for you! Have fun! If she’s a little unsure, you can discuss it with her. Tell her why you want her to do that, watch some videos if she’s unsure and maybe even let her know that you’ll return the favour :)


Dear Our Pleasure,
Got a little issue. I’ve been feeling pretty pretty weird when I shop in your store lately. I usually wear make up and I’m a guy and I feel like I’m being judged. What’s up with that?
Freddie Queen

Hi Freddie,
We are so sorry that you feel this way. Let me reassure you that our staff members are not judgemental, not at all. We are so much more into celebrating the differences in our customers than judging them for it. Perhaps you are used to being judged elsewhere and you expected it from us but we promise, we like you just as you are.


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