Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!


Got to laugh. Went to your store and missus tried to sell me a clit toy and never asked me if I was even female. I don’t have a clit. You should train your staff to not make assumptions about gender. I might look feminine but I got a dick. 


Hi there,
We sincerely apologize.  It can be hard for our staff sometimes to recommend toys without any information from the customer which is why we usually ask what kind of toy you are looking for to begin with. We do not make a habit out of assuming someone is a male or a female, we just want to help you find the right toy for whatever body parts you do own. We apologize if you were offended.


How do you feel about eating food off of or from a vagina? Is this safe or is it something we should avoid? My girlfriend and I want to do our own version of a “cream pie” using actual cream but she’s worried about yeast infection. 

Hi there,
We don’t recommend this. When it comes to female genitalia, any chance at irritation is too big a chance. Some women are super-prone to yeast infections and any outside source that can cause one is better off avoided.




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