Steak and BJ / Chicken then Lickin’ Day

Happy Steak and BJ day my lovely’s! Today is the day we honor all of our hard working partners who work so hard to make Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year for us! Men can sometimes feel a little left out on Valentine’s Day because let face it, the day kind of is more geared toward women. So today is the day we honor our hard working, rock hard, virile men who do so much for us! If you’re not a fan of performing oral than stop into one of our OP stores, grab some flavored lubricant or oral stimulating gel. For those of you who have a bad gag reflex don’t worry, we have Comfortably Numb relaxing spray, it numbs your throat so you can take your partner deeper and really show how deep your feelings for him run ;)

Now if you are of the lesbian persuasion you can honor your partner with what I am calling “Chicken then Lickin’ Day”. So strip off your clothes put on that frilly little apron and start grilling! Happy oral sex day!



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