Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Dear Staff,
What is friend zoned?

Friend-zoned is some dumb word that so called “nice people” invented to vilify those who have no interest in dating them.   They seem to think that they are owed a relationship with someone they are interested in simply because they’ve been nice to them. It doesn’t matter at all, by people who use the world friend-zoned, that the people they are interested in:
1. may not be attracted to them
2. may find them revolting
3. may not have any sort of connection with them


What is your best toy for g spots?

We don’t really have a “best” toy. It’s whatever works best for you! If you drop into any of our locations, one of our staff members will show you all the g-spot toys we carry and the differences in them so you can find something absolutely perfect for you!

Dear Our Pleasure,
How come I can’t have an inside orgasm with my bf? It’s like my vagina doesn’t feel him properly. What should I do?

Hi there,
A very small percentage of women can orgasm from penetration alone. Most women require clitoral stimulation. I think women are programmed to think that an orgasm from sex is a must have. Not true. Orgasms are fun no matter how you have them and where they come from. Be happy with the sex you’re having and the way you’re getting off now. You can also experiment and be creative and try to orgasm another way but don’t pressure yourself too much. Just enjoy yourself!

Hey Our Pleasure,
What’s up with your Mount Pearl store? Did it close down?

Hi there,
Our Mount Pearl store is indeed still open. The strip of the building they are located in is just undergoing renovations! Come visit us!

Did you ever try pouring liquid into yourself Vag or anal? Is there porn for this?

Hi there,
I am sure if you search the internet, you will find the kind of porn you are looking for. It seems as if they have invented a porn for every desire, kink, and fetish. Happy hunting.

Dear Our Pleasure,
I have the desire to have my boyfriend put his hands around my neck when we have intercourse, like to choke me but not actually do it. How do I tell him this ?

Hi there,
Why not try downloading some porn clips or photos and send them to him or look at them together. Tell him you find this very hot and stress that you don’t actually want him to choke you. Or, the next time you have sex grab his hand and lay it lightly around your next and tell him how much it turns you on.




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