Marabou Lingerie and Dogs Don’t Mix

Last week I bought this beautiful purple chemise set from the Mount Pearl store that has fluffy marabou around the bust. I thought it was so cute and fluffy and it made my breasts look like giant fluffy round balls! Too bad my puppy, Lightening, thought the same thing… I got all dressed up, put on my sexy purple lingerie and stood in the door way to the bedroom to show off my new outfit to Ann and BAM! Lightening came running at me!
She started jumping at my chest and crying! She has always been a dog who loved teddy bears; she will take a stuffed toy over a treat any day. I guess she also thought that my breasts looked like big fluffy toy balls! Ann couldn’t stop laughing and tried to get Lightening to stop jumping on me and grabbing at the bust of my lingerie but she just wouldn’t stop. I ended up having to take off the lingerie in less than 60 seconds and my sexy effect was lost in the hilariousness of the situation. Clearly if you have a dog, marabou lingerie is not for you! Thank goodness it was half price from the Christmas stock or I really would have cried! Now I just laugh when I see it stuffed in my underwear drawer. This outfit is defiantly one to be put away until the next time we have a night away and Lightening gets a babysitter.
Oh the joys of being a mother to a four legged fur baby!!!!



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