Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Do the ladies really care how big my dick is? I read this thing where women only feel like 3 inches inside so why do they have if you got one that’s small or not?

Hi there,
There are some people who like a penis to be thick, some like them long and thin, some like them short and some people care more about the person they are having sex with than the size of their penis.  It’s going to vary, woman to woman.
In reference to the 3 inch statement, it’s actually that the majority of nerve endings are present in the first 3 inches of the vagina but that doesn’t mean that there are no nerve endings at all after that first 3 inches. In fact, there are still very many.


Hi Our Pleasure,
I have a question for your Q and A section.The last two guys I was with both did this thing where they pushed my head down while I was performing orel sex. It was like they didn’t want me to do anything they just wanted to force themselves in my mouth as hard and as fast as they could. It made me urge and gag and feel like not doing it. These are back to back experiences with guys I was interested in dating and now I’m not. It made tears come out of my eyes and everything.


Hi there,
We are so sorry that you’ve had these negative experiences. That style of oral sex seems to have been made popular from porn, although, we’re sure people have been enjoying it(or not enjoying it) long before it became a porn thing and it can be quite uncomfortable if it’s something you’re not prepared for. I would guess that the men you have been with are a fan of the “gagging” blowjob and they’ve probably seen it in porn and were turned on by it and decided to try it out, or it’s something they’ve come to enjoy with other partners. That being said, the gagging blowjob is not for everyone which is why it should be discussed before it’s performed or forced on someone. It’s hard to know, before-hand, what someone will be into or not be into sexually, so it’s always a good idea to talk about sex with someone before you have it. To be honest, it just sounds like the last two men you have been with are behaving in a very selfish way. It’s not ok to do these sorts of things without the other person’s consent.


Why don’t you have your hours on the internet? It’s shit to try to figure out when your stores in town are even open.

Hi there,
Our website lists all the store hours for each of our 7 locations.

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